Play Astral Tower Defense


Defend your homeworld from attacking space creatures - called creeps - that are determined to destroy the planet at the end of the pathway. Build and upgrade gun turrets and other equipment on the asteroid fields surrounding the path to kill the creeps before they succeed. The planet can withstand 10 attacks before destruction.


Creeps come in waves of 10 every 30 seconds and become increasingly difficult as the game progresses. Details about the upcoming wave of creeps can be seen in the lower part of the right-hand menu in the "Next Wave" box. Every 20th wave is a "rare" creep; rare creeps are solitary but considerably stronger than normal creeps.

Next to the picture of the upcoming creep is a timer counting down the seconds to the next wave. You may bring on the next wave immediately by clicking on the timer.

Hitpoints Amount of damage each creep must receive before it is destroyed.
Armor One of three different armor types: Conventional (CONV), Electro-Magnetic (EM) and Organic (BIO). Different armor types must be combated with different weapon types - see the Weapons section for more information.
Speed Movement speed of a creep; the faster the creep the less time you have got to stop it.
Value Amount of credits you will receive for killing each creep; these credits are then used to purchase or upgrade weapons and equipment.

Some creeps possess Special Abilities, visible in the lower portion of the Next Wave box. Creeps that are 'Fast' move quicker than normal creeps. Creeps that are 'Immune' cannot be slowed by the Tractor Beam (see Special Equipment section for more information on Tractor Beam). Some creeps are both fast and immune, be ready!


To combat the three armor types, there are three different types of weapons:

Conventional (CONV)
Damage to CONV armor: 100%
Damage to BIO armor: 60%
Damage to EM armor: 60%
Organic (BIO)
Damage to CONV armor: 100%
Damage to BIO armor: 50%
Damage to EM armor: 100%
Electro-Magnetic (EM)
Damage to CONV armor: 110%
Damage to BIO armor: 125%
Damage to EM armor: 50%

Weapons may be purchased in the "Armory" box, located in the upper part of the right-hand menu. Use the arrows in the Amory to scroll through all available weapons. To purchase a weapon, click on its picture in the Armory, then place it where it you want it on the main screen. Weapons cannot be placed on the pathway.

Weapons may be upgraded for increased damage, range and fire rate. To upgrade a weapon, click on it and the Armory menu will change to the Stats menu. There you will see information about the existing weapon along with upgrade information, the option to purchase the upgrade, and the option to demolish the weapon for a partial refund.

Special Equipment

Tractor Beam Slows creeps in range by 50%, unless they are immune.
No upgrades are available.

Weapons may also be enhanced by purchasing boosters:

Range Booster Increases the range in which weapons can fire by 10%.
May be upgraded to further increase weapon range as well as the booster's range.
Rate Booster Increases the rate at which weapons fire by 20%.
May be upgraded to further increase fire rate as well as the booster's range.
Damage Booster Increases weapon damage by 20%.
May be upgraded to further increase damage as well as the booster's range.

Weapons must be within range of Boosters in order to receive the bonuses. Special Equipment is found in the Armory menu along with the weapons.